October 8, 2020

HI -TRANS and East Meets West 2020


My HI-TRANS series focuses on the issue of migration from the Outer Hebrides and maintaining population in the extreme edges of the British Isles. The series takes a common symbol of population, transport, and civilisation - the bus stop - and juxtaposes it against the rugged harsh landscapes to be found on the Western Isles of Harris and Lewis. These islands, which have a landmass the size of Greater London, have a population of no greater than 22,000 as of the last census in 2011. With many young people on the islands travelling down to the mainland for university and better career prospects, the numbers left on the islands will be revealed in the next census due in 2021. Always empty apart from the odd sheep, the vacant bus stop speaks to the challenges of maintaining a populace in the outermost extremities of the UK. The series takes its name from the Highlands and Islands Transport Partnership with manages public transport in the far north of Scotland. 

The work was showcased as part of the Grain 2020 East Meet West Masterclass exhibition which was ran in conjunction with Format Festival.