April 16, 2021

Know Your Worth Coaching

Branding Photography

It was great to work with Divina Johnson of Know Your Worth Coaching recently on branding photography commission for her new life coaching business. Her business is aimed at helping woman who are stuck in a rut and need help progressing in whatever area of their life they are having issue with, be it work, self confidence, productivity and relationships. Divina was looking for some imagery for her website and social media that showed her in her natural environment and portrayed her as the approachable life coach that she is.

I kicked off the shoot by creating some natural light portraits of Divina at work in her Birmingham home. Her desk is perfectly situated right next to a window which provided a good level of contrasting right to left lighting. We worked through a number of different poses and set ups, including shots of her coaching manual which she provides to her clients.

Journaling and meditation is a huge part of Divina's personal life and is something she highly recommends for her clients, so she wanted to capture her doing this in her favourite place for it. We headed into her main bedroom for this part of the shoot and again used some really nice windows light to keep that natural and contrasting look to the images.

For the last stage of the branding shoot we headed over to a local park to create some portraits of Divina out walking. Connecting with nature is such a key part of good mental health and Divina employs this technique in her personal life and professional coaching sessions. The light was extremely flat on the day of the shoot and so I tried to stick to shots with minimal sky and interesting backdrops.

We managed to create a huge amount of varied imagery in this 2 hour branding session which was ideal for a small and new business like Divina's. If you are interested in a branding photoshoot for your business please don't hesitate to get in touch to find out more about my packages and pricing.