My wedding work is always shot in a natural and relaxed style. It’s authentic, fun, romantic, and a little bit editorial. I want to capture you and your guests looking your best, being yourselves and experiencing your day! 

it's a journey

From pre-wedding meetings, to engagement shoots, to the big day - I am there to be help throughout your entire journey. Every couple I have ever shot for has told me how much they loved having me as part of their wedding and I love to help couples out with any questions they might have.

Telling the story

Your wedding day is one EPIC story and it’s my job to tell it for you through my images, and that’s exactly what I will do! Using my experience as a documentary photographer, my images will tell the story of every aspect of your special day in a natural but stylish way. From the venue, to the intimate moments, to the details, to the tears and the laughter.

Keep it natural

My wedding work is always shot in a natural and relaxed style. I want to capture you and your guests being yourselves and experiencing your day! I am the kind of wedding photographer that will get the shots without you even noticing me being there. Your wedding day is not a photoshoot, it’s a day of love, happiness, and joy surrounded by everyone closest to you and it’s my job to record it all in a stylish but sensitive way!

Perfect prep…

Whether it’s Bridal or Groom prep, this part of a wedding is so important to capture as it tells the story of the build up to the main event!! I always find it creates some of the most intimate moments between the Bride or Groom and their friends and family.

I do

At the ceremony is where I will be most visible to you and your guests. I will be right up there with you capturing every moment and emotion between you and your partner, trust me this part of your day will especially be a blur so you’ll want every bit of it captured! From the nerves of the groom to the bride walking down the aisle, I will be in position at the front to get it all. If I am shooting with a second shooter then they will be capturing everything that happens from the back of the venue as well, but if not then I may wander a little to get a few different angles and to get shots of your family and friends in the audience.


I know you put a lot of effort into the personal touches and details at your wedding. They have sentimental value and mean a lot you. It’s exactly this understanding which is why I always make a special effort to capture these special little touches, from family photos to floral stylings, to a grooms parties braces.

Confetti shot

A confetti shot is a must if you can in my opinion! Not only does it always look awesome but it is so much fun as well! I will help get your guests into a perfect corridor for you to walk down before giving you the signal to go! Don’t forget to keep your head up and keep smiling! Oh, and always keep the confetti biodegradable please!

Group Photos

Despite what people say, group photos are some of the most important photos we create on your wedding day. After all, they are always the ones that get passed down the generations! I create posed and more relaxed group shots after the ceremony and I always advise my couples to limit the number of group shots to just those nearest and dearest to them to make sure they don’t spend too long posing and end up missing out on all the champagne and canapés!

Together at last

Couple portrait shots are where I get you guys all to myself, and its also where you guys get to take a breather from the craziness of the day. I always take my couples on a stroll around the venue but not for too long as I never want to keep you from your tribe as I know this is where you want to be. I shoot constantly throughout the time capturing you both together in a relaxed and intimate way. This approach always puts couples at ease which leads to the best shots.

Let's dance!

I love staying late into the night at weddings to get the shots of everyone really going for it on the dance floor! Who doesn’t want to remember that one uncle going crazy for Town Called Malice by the Jam!? I always get right in amongst it as well as I love getting those shots that really convey the feeling of how much of a good time everyone was having at YOUR wedding!