Nervous about being in front of the camera?

Don't be! I'll be right there to guide you all the way.

Let’s be honest, most people don’t really like having a camera pointed at them, let alone being told to kiss and stare lovingly into each others eyes... and that’s ok! That’s why I always make the couples portraits part of the day relaaxed, natural, and as quick as possible!

My approach to the couples portrat session is to take the Bride and Groom away from the main party on a quick stroll around the venue. I take my couples either at the end of the drinks reception just before the wedding breakfast, or during golden hour, for around 20 minutes.

I constantly shoot throughout the walk, grabbing natural shots of you talking and kissing, laughing and being intimate. I’ll direct you from time-to-time, and take you to some spots I like around the venue, but overall it will be a nice relaxed stroll around the venue giving you both a chance to have some time together.

My aim is to get you back to the party before anyone notices you have been gone! Champagne glass in hand, chatting to all of your favourite people!